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Americans today have a greater understanding about how their world works, and what we need to do to preserve the place we call home. Many Americans and people around the world are switching to the “Green Alternative.” Home solar power kits have been tremendously successful with a huge uptake throughout the world. Solar panels are the main component in any home solar kit. The process is a unique one, but it gets the job done. The solar panels collect sunlight throughout the day and convert that light energy into electricity for home use.

Many states in the U.S. have taken the initiative to go green such as California, Arizona, Colorado, New York, Florida, Nevada, etc… Yes, these states do have the most sunshine of any others, but one can utilize solar energy anywhere, and here’s why. Solar energy can make consumers fully energy efficient. They can also be used as a backup in case of a natural disaster or a failed power line. One of the most popular reasons is simply because solar panels protect against future price increases. One can even sell your unused energy back to the company. What a terrific deal, right?

As of now, Germany is the world leader in solar technologies. In 2009 alone, Germany installed more than 3,806 megawatts of PV solar energy capacity. PV stands for a “photo-voltaic cell, which is a specialized semiconductor diode that converts visible light into direct current.” The country of Spain comes in second,  Japan in third, and The United States in fourth with 1,650 MW of power. Boulder City, Nevada has the largest photo-voltaic plant in the country, and it has one million solar panels that power 17,000 homes in California. This is how massive an impact solar panels have in the nation today. President Barack Obama spoke in Boulder City and explained how it is his plan to develop every available source of American-made energy there is. This will give American new jobs and a new source of green earth friendly power.

More reasons why Americans are looking into home solar kits are because it supports national interests and businesses. This all goes in hand with decreasing the United States dependence on foreign energy and investing in photo-voltaic components that are being manufactured in the U.S. Sunlight is necessary for solar, but even cloudy areas are excellent for solar energy. It certainly does not matter where someone lives in the world; solar power will always be an enormous advantage. A home solar kit usually utilizes approximately 100 square feet of your homes roof space but it can vary from 100-300 square feet depending on the size of the house. If your roof just is not quite made for solar panels do not worry, there are alternative choices such as ground mounted solar panels. Most solar power systems can last a home anywhere from 25-30 years. This is a fantastic way to become fully energy efficient, and save your wallet from a good beating!

As of February 2013, the cost of a standard home solar system will run about $9,000 before the 30% federal tax credit and rebates offered by each state or energy company. The initial cost of a solar power system is undeniably expensive, but the rewards with pay off big time. SolarWorld is one specific home solar company and also the nation’s largest solar supplier. This company offers free consultations and has 3 easy plans. Zero down, low down plan, and the pre-pay plan. All of their plans include solar energy production, solar monitoring, maintenance and repairs, and insurance coverage for the solar system. This is just one of many companies who have made it easy and affordable to install home solar panels for thousands of Americans across the country. This proves that the solar industry is taking off with the United States on the verge of “solar outbreak.”

There are many different types of solar power kits and kit accessories. For example, a Coleman 55-Watt Solar Back-Up Kit will run a buyer about $288.00 plus tax. The Coleman 18 Watt Solar Charging Kit cost about $100.00 plus tax. Solar Panel kits can get as costly as a Grape Solar 3,000-Watt Mono-crystalline PV Grid-Tied Solar Power Kit, which will cost about $7,500 plus tax. These different alternatives can all be ordered online at different websites such as and or These local and national companies all make it possible for the local consumer to get their hands on this fabulous new concept of energy conservation. There are many ways to start with solar technology, and there are more opportunities than ever before. It all starts with a little research, dedication, and the willingness to give home solar power kits a chance to change your mind about America’s new reusable energy.

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