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Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting Options

When there’s no light, you can’t see to do anything. More than just being bored because you can’t entertain yourself, without light, there can be a safety hazard from falling over stuff you can’t see.

Plus, there are those who would use the night as cover to steal or commit crimes during a survival crisis situation. Light up the dark with the Solar Light Bulb. This bulb offers 4 different modes.

You can use the light to have low light all the way up to the Highlight mode, which gives off the most light. It does have a sensor, so you can have the light come on automatically when it gets dark out while staying off during daylight hours.

You can use the remote setting to determine the off and on hours if you choose to. Once the bulb is charged, the number of hours it will provide light will vary, depending on the mode that you put it in.

The dimmer the light, the longer the charge to give you the light you need. You can get almost a full day of light on the lowest setting. It has a micro USB port as well as an indicator showing you when the charge is ready.

The hook on the top of the light makes it easy to hang anywhere. A flashlight is a must have and the Solar Flashlight not only gives you light, but can also perform other survival functions as a multitool.

It has 7 different selections for lighting – from high to low as well as the flashing emergency red light. The light can last up to 7 hours, depending on which mode you use it on and how well it’s charged.

You can use the flashlight to give you as much as 700 feet of light. It has an alarm feature and a compass that you can use in the event that you get lost. The handle is non-slip and the flashlight is both water and shock resistant.

What makes this device so convenient to have during a survival situation is that it can also be used to charge things such as your smart phone, because it has a built in battery.

The flashlight also has a cutter, so you can use it to cut your way to safety or to prepare survival needs in the event that you’re camping. For your safety needs during an emergency, the LuminAID Solar Lantern can brighten an area up to 200 square feet.

This can help ease the stress of a situation when you don’t have any electricity. It’s designed as an inflatable lantern, which is easy to inflate. Because it’s lightweight and waterproof, it makes it an ideal light for many different types of settings.

The LED lantern has a built in battery and can be used to charge your phone or even a tablet. The battery is strong enough to offer users over two days’ worth of light if the device is used on the low light setting.

But you have up to 5 settings to choose from. You can select low, medium or go with high option. It also offers turbo lighting as well as a flashing light. The lantern recharges easily when in direct sunlight or within about an hour if you use the USB cord.

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