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Solar Powered Generators

Solar Powered Generators for Your Electric Needs

Your electric needs don’t just stop when the electricity goes out. If you have an unexpected outage and you didn’t charge your cell phone or other small devices, then you may find yourself without the ability to reach out to others or to get help.

A solar powered generator is a necessity for emergency situations. The Solar Power Portable Generator is a small one, but powerful enough that it can help you make it through a dire situation.

It has 8000 mAh of power, so it can keep your devices running when they need to be charged. You can use this one for your smart phone or other electronic devices. It offers almost a full day of light for one LED bulb and half a day for two.

You can use them at the same time and both are included in the kit. If you’re playing music, you can use it for just over 15 hours. It has a bright LED floodlight on the side and a USB port.

You can set up preset radio channels, which is handy for keeping up with what’s going on as well as being able to listen to the station of your choice. You can charge it using the 6V solar panel that comes with the generator and it comes with a long cord, so you’ll be able to put the panel wherever it needs to go.

A benefit of this generator is that you don’t have to have bright sunlight in order to get a charge. It will still charge, even when there’s no sunlight. If you want to charge it at home, you can use the 110 plug that comes with the generator.

The generator comes with accessory cables that you’ll use to charge your phone or other devices. With all the power it packs, it’s surprising that the BALDR Portable Solar Generator is portable, but it is.

This machine offers 297wh of power, which means it can handle the devices you need to operate better than other generators. There’s a lot it can handle too. You can charge your smartphone or your tablet.

But you can also charge your computer, camera and even a string of lights. It can also be used to power medical devices such as a CPAP machine. You can charge the generator using solar, AC or DC, but if you choose to use a solar panel, you will need to buy that separately.

You can get a full charge in as little as 5 hours, unless you’re using a car charger and then it’ll take a little longer. The generator is packed with safety benefits, including short circuit protection and overload protection.

This means that your generator won’t likely overheat like other generators can. It has a built in flashlight and an easy to read display that lets users know how much battery power is left.

The Jackery Portable Solar Power Generator is another option you can get and is considered one of the best on the market due to its ability to handle multiple outputs. There are many electronic items you can use at the same time with this generator.

You can use your coffee maker while using your electric grill. Or, you can plug a heater into it. If you’d like to have a smoothie, you can even use it with a blender. If you want to use it to power a TV, you can do that, too.

This generator can definitely make life feel a little more normal in a survival situation. On just a 5 hour charge, you can get an entire night of use from this generator. There are three charging choices. You can use the solar panels, a wall socket or car outlet. The AC and car charger cable are included.

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