solar phone charger

Solar Powered Phone Chargers

One of the things that can be disrupted when the electrical grid goes out is the communication system. You might face the fear of not being able to get in touch with your loved ones if your phone cannot be recharged.

For this reason, you need to have a plan B so you can protect your family. One way to keep communication intact is to make sure that you all have solar phone chargers for your home or car.

The Soluser Solar Charger Power Bank is a charger that can quickly charge your smart phone. It can be used indoors or outdoors, so if you have to bug out quickly, you’ll have a way to communicate on the go.

It’s waterproof and shockproof, so it can hold up to tough environmental situations as well as accidental drops. This gadget is compatible with multiple phone models, both older and newer.

The charger uses bidirectional charging, which means it uses the smart phone’s own battery energy to help push the charge quickly. It has 4 outputs, including a C output port.

The device can be used as a portable flashlight with both bright and soft light. There’s also an emergency SOS locator light. This is great for people who want to have a solar charger, but who are on a lean prepper budget.

The Big Blue Solar Power Charger is also a good choice as a communication survival device. At just over 1 pound, the charger is extremely lightweight and portable. It uses four solar panels to charge phones and other devices that have a 5v input.

It can be used with both iPhone models, some iPad devices and android phones. It does have the ability to charge multiple devices at once, due to the numerous ports.

The charger stays in place once you set it up, thanks to the secure buckles you use to attach the gadget for charging.

If you have many communication devices to charge or you have multiple family or friends who need devices charged, you’ll want to look into buying the X-DRAGON Solar Charger.

This 40W foldable panel can offer 50% more when it comes to how quickly it works compared to other chargers. Plus, it’s water resistant and offers plenty of energy, thanks to the power of the sun.

It also comes with some added safety benefits for users, like the surge protection it gives devices during charging. It can automatically adjust the voltage, thanks to the IC chip, which means faster charging for your devices.

It has dual port output, so it can be used to charge smart phones, tablets, laptop computers and even small car batteries. The charger comes with 10 laptop connectors, along with the USB cables and more.

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